Twelve inspirational speeches

Martin Luther King, Jr. (I have a dream) – 1963:,0,36081.story

Abraham Lincoln (Gettysburg Address) – 1863: – (not recited by Lincoln himself, for obvious reasons)

Winston Churchill (We shall fight) – 1940: – this transcript contains the full speech. For the part which is in the video, go to the second-last paragraph.

John F. Kennedy (Inauguration – Ask not what your country can do for you) – 1961:

Randy Pausch (Last Lecture) – 2007 <– personal favourite:

Barack Obama (Don’t Tell Me Words Don’t Matter) – 2008

Carl Sagan (Pale Blue Dot) – 1994:–Qvo

President Reagan (Farewell Address) – 1989:

Steve Jobs (Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish) – 2005:

Orhan Pamuk (Nobel Acceptance Speech – Why I Write) – 2006:

Marc Antony/William Shakespeare (Eulogy at Caesar’s Funeral) – c. 1599:

Jawaharlal Nehru (Tryst with Destiny) – 1947:

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