The Latest Game From Bored Children

It seems that, as the days get longer, we become progressively more bored in school. We try to alleviate this boredom with games – such as ultimate tic-tac-toe, which I introduced to the class a few months ago and which caught on really quickly – and here, I present the latest game.

Describe a story (movie, book, book series) in three sentences.

It’s amazing, the amount of detail you omit when doing this. The Star Wars version had to omit Darth Vader entirely, and had to refer to Yoda as a ‘green thing’, because there wasn’t enough space to explain what a Jedi was. Harry Potter and his friends became a ‘bunch of teenagers who tracked down pieces of an evil guy’s soul’, and Richard Parker from Life Of Pi became ‘tiger wanders off.’

Also, to prevent people from making their sentences really long and going into details such as ‘Ron sacrificed himself to win the game of wizard’s chess, after which Harry found out that Quirrel…’ and so on (I’m now an expert at writing long sentences; see my earlier post on this topic), there can also be a letter limit; nothing that cannot be posted in two tweets is valid.

For example, the sentence above is longer than 280 characters (it’s 378), so it’s invalid.

So, what sort of amusing shortened stories can you come up with?

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