Is it really Teachers vs Technology?

Words For Change

Technology has changed the world. There is no denying that. Across all fields, technology has been an unimaginable boon. Be it medicine, space research or agriculture – technology has led to exponential progress.
There however remains one field in our country where it isn’t being welcomed with the same kind of zest as should be . This field, unfortunately and most ironically is Education.
Technology in schools today, is viewed with unparalleled cynicism – it’s perceived as a sort of threat to their very existence. To me, this notion seems bizarre and far-fetched. Teachers and the school administration are not realizing that technology is not a threat to their existence but a way to nurture the wonderful and rare gift of education that they are giving us. It really isn’t human teachers vs technology, it is but a matter of bringing together technology and talent to give to us, the…

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