A parody sonnet

“So is this how all people spoke for years?
In turgid, halting prose that strained their mind?
They must have tired one another’s ears,
But then be forced for to respond in kind.
Take that last line; I had to add a “for”,
Just to ensure the rhythm and the rhyme.”
Did Shakespeare think that this’d be a bore,
Or ’twould entertain the people for all time?
Most people would yawn and roll their eyes,
On seeing such a flagrant parody.
But is this not how they’d express their cries,
Those people lasting just in memory?
Though people think that boredom lies within
Shakespeare’s old plays, I know of no such thing.

1 thought on “A parody sonnet

  1. JK

    1. Absolutely love the sonnet, especially considering I do yawn at the majority of poetry. I just can’t do it.
    2. Your last line really sold it to me, because much as I don’t care for poetry, I do love shakespeare. The big difference between the Shakespeare we are introduced to today, read drearily and analyzed to death in classrooms by students who don’t understand why it requires more than 144 characters and real shakespeare is that it should never be just read. Its intended to be performed with rhythm and emotion. That makes all the difference in the world.


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